Patrick Züst, 27

Msc Computer Science, ETH Zürich
Technical Consultant, ipt
Zurich, Switzerland

Not your average computer science nerd

Interested in distributed systems, cyber security, blockchain technology, and real word applications of technology. Finishing a master degree in computer science at ETH Zurich Strongly shaped by the time I spent in Silicon Valley as a journalist

Primarily working on web and blockchain projects at the moment, but looking forward to focus on other areas in the future. Make sure to swipe right reach out, if you think we could be a match.

Technical Skills

Most experience

Java (Spring Boot), Javascript (React, Angular, Node, Express, Next.js, Tailwind), Python, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Kubernetes

Some experience

Cloud (Azure), Solidity, C/C++, Swift, TensorFlow

Working on

Indie Hacking Projects, GraphQL, Go


ETH Zurich

Msc Computer Science2022 - 2024#6 QS World University Ranking
Selective graduate program that equips students with the skills to develop complex software systems.
Major / Minor: Data Management Systems / Information SecurityIndividual projects: Analyzing the (mis-)use of transaction access lists in Ethereum; Exploring patterns to conduct and defend against DDoS attacks in a SCION network; Creating a Datalog verifier for Ethereum smart contracts; Implementing low-level optimizations in C to increase the performance of a numeric algorithm; Reverse engineering and exploiting provided binaries using pwntools

ETH Zurich

BSc Computer Science2018 - 2021#6 QS World University Ranking
Math-heavy, selective undergraduate program that focuses on the fundamentals of computer science.
Primary programming languages: Java, C/C++, PythonIndividual projects: Analyzing and Preventing Sandwich Attacks in Ethereum (Bachelor Thesis); Creation of a scheduler for latency-sensitive batch applications on Google Cloud Platform; Implementing a system to verify safety properties of a given program; Using machine learning for image recognition and risk analysis; Development of a simple compiler; Analysis of Spanner - Google's globally distributed database; Drafting a business innovation concept for a large Swiss chocolate producer; Prototype of a blockchain application in collaboration with the WWF; Simulation of the TCP/IP protocol

Programming Projects

Characterization of Ethereum Workload

2023-2024 | AcademiaOngoing master thesis, focusing on the characterization of the Ethereum workload and investigating different ways to optimize the protocol.Python, Solidity, Go

Solution Architect & Engineer, IPT

2023 | WorkLed the technical implementation of a new client onboarding flow at a private bank, including the integration of a remote identification serviceJava, Angular, Tailwind, OpenShift, Gitlab CI/CD

Access Lists in Ethereum

2023 | AcademiaModified an Erigon Ethereum client to analyze the use of access lists in Ethereum, including a quantification of potential gas savings. (Semester Project)Python, GoReportPublication in preparation

API Management Consultant, IPT

2022 | WorkServed as both a developer and consultant for various integration projects at a Swiss retail bank, providing expertise on cybersecurity and IT architectureJava, Jenkins, Linux

Sandwich Attacks in Ethereum

2021 | AcademiaAnalyzed the impact and frequency of sandwich attacks in Ethereum, and developed a tool to prevent these attacks by using ideal order splits. (Bachelor Thesis)Python, Go, Javascript, HTML/CSSToolReport

Various Course Projects

2018-23 | AcademiaMultitude of projects in the domains of cloud computing, machine learning, software engineering, database management, compiler design, blockchain, and network simulation.Java, C/C++, Python, PostgreSQL, Ocaml

Working Student, Ringier

2020 | WorkConceptualized, implemented and tested several frontend components that are now used on - the largest media brand in Switzerland. Additionally planned and programmed a prototype for a new Apple Watch application.Node, React, HTML/CSS, SwiftUI


2020 | PersonalBig-Data result service for the Swiss Table Tennis League. Still in development.Node, React, PostgreSQL, HTML/CSS


2020 | Personal Finalist, #CodeVSCovid19 Hackathon
Responsive map that illustrates how the Corona virus spread over time and provides daily news articles and country-specific data for context. Collaboration with Jonas Spieler.D3.js, Node, HTML/SCSSBeta-VersionGithub


2019 | WorkPassword-protected video platform that serves as an art/rememberance project.jQuery, HTML/CSS


2019 | Personal 2nd place, Betherworld Hackathon
Ethereum-powered Ðapp that allows for impactful donations with a money back guarantee, decentralized storage of sensor data and active citizen participation. Collaboration with several other developers.Solidity, Node, React, HTML/CSSGithub

Plant Analysis, WSL

2015-2016 | WorkA research project conducted at WSL Birmensdorf that examines the lignification of plants. Independently developed scripts to analyze hundreds of double-stained cross-sections and process the respective data.ImageJ, R, ExcelGithub


2014-2015 | Personal 2nd place, Rotary Price
Nominee, Beste Aargauer Maturitätsarbeit
A digital pinboard system for Swiss highschool students, which includes functionalities to post promoted content. Includeded concept, design, development and marketing.PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML/CSS